Our Vision

1. Vision

We strive to become a stable partner by providing new technological possibilities and organizational innovation. Our vision in iGrow Network is based on the idea knowing the real customer needs. Based on this background and practical experience, we choose the most appropriate solutions for each individual situation.

2. Mission

Our mission is to meet our client's expectations now and in the future. We want to improve industrial engineering processes by flexible and innovative introduction of new innovative approaches. The main aim is to increase the competitive edge of our clients.

3. Our Story

Thanks to our long-term exposure to industrial environments, we have acquired personal experience with the implementation of projects at national and international level. During this time, we have established a strong network of partners who can provide technical and technological solutions. iGrow Network carries the keywords i - innovation, Grow - growth and Network - integration and linking.

4. Who We Are

Our team consists of a group of professional specialists, project managers, external experts, suppliers of technical solutions and last but not least, skilled students and graduates. Our team is led by expert staff with more than 15 years of experience. Whether they are our senior professionals or junior specialists, they have a common motivator - the desire to bring new effective solutions into practice and to continually learn and advance.

5. What Makes Us Unique

We have experience with the conceptual introduction of changes. We offer you a comprehensive approach. We will design, produce and put emphasis on the possibilities of using the current company's' potential. We draw inspiration on the basis of international RnD activities, improve and create new attractive solutions.