Standard approach - paper data collection

Industry as well as other industries need to collect, analyze, and evaluate different types of data to manage and support their processes. Often the necessary data is collected using paper forms. This activity often raises the following questions:
  • Do I have to change something in the form again? (find, open, change, save, forward, and everything in Excel)
  • Where is the current form stored?
  • Does the printer not work again?
  • Who wrote it? I can't read it…
  • Who transcribes it to electronic form?
  • Where can I find photos for the form?
  • Who will update the dashboard visual? 
  • …?
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iForms - digital data collection

Paper data collection entails a large amount of waste. At the same time, however, it creates an interesting potential for improving the whole process. iForms create the conditions for digitizing the entire process - without the paper process. All processes associated with creating, editing, filling, writing to databases take place in a digital environment (process digitization). To use this solution, besides iForms, all you need is a device (pc, tablet, mobile,…) and internet access (cloud). Highlights of iForms include:

  • Intuitiveness - easily create, edit and publish electronic forms without the need for special IT skills, an IT specialist
  • Speed - simple electronic form (active form) can be created and published in minutes, forms update - no problems, iForm just edit and republish
  • Effectivity - the collection itself takes place in the application, after filling in the electronic form and sending the data, it is made directly into the database, no transcription is necessary, possible errors in transcription are eliminated
In the application environment, the user is able to create an active form, simulate its display on various devices, publish it to other users, view audits with attachments, and of course manage users of individual groups within the corporate structure.

iBoards - electronic evaluation

The next step in process improvement is automatic electronic evaluation of collected data. The whole evaluation process takes place without the need for another person (digital transformation) who would have to modify the data in any way. Simply put, from the moment of recording on the form, in a matter of minutes, it is possible to open iBoards online with results - level achieved, trend tracking, priority issues, etc.

The responsible manager does not waste time evaluating but devotes himself to seeking corrective measures, improvement. The results can be approached on two levels:

  • Quick overview of realized records (ability to view recent entries in all content, browse attachments, without tracking trend)

  • Comprehensive data access (view of online progress dashboard for each tracked parameter)

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Benefits of digitization


iForms and iBoards are available via remote access to users with Internet access.


It is possible to add other forms from different areas, form and user management.

Up To Date

After editing a form or dashboard, all you need to do is publish, the change in real time.


All you need is a web browser, the ability to connect with enterprise IT systems.


The cost of the solution can be lower than the cost of paper collection and manual evaluation.


Access only to designated users, clear identification of who, when, how filled out the form.

Fields of application

The iForms application can be deployed across multiple areas (departments) as an effective tool for data collection, evaluation and digitization:

  • Production: records of produced pieces, machine parameters, collection and evaluation of OEE, process audits, Kamishibai,…

  • Quality: records about poor quality, input and output quality records, quality audits, audits for corrective actions from A3, OIL, product measurement records, quantities,…

  • Maintenance: TPM sheets, autonomous maintenance - cleaning records, lubrication plans; preventive maintenance records,…

  • Continuous Improvement (CI): 5S audits, Gemba walk records, Kaizen project support, evidence of improvement proposals,…

  • Human resources (HR): collection and evaluation of test data, training, employee satisfaction,…

Jedna z ukážok možností využitia digitálnej transformácie dát – iCVdigitálna éra výberu uchádzača:


Solutions for you

iForms platform

Purchase of complete software with choice of deployment location (local storage, Cloud).

iForms as a service

Support from us in creating, using and evaluating forms, records, audits, audit management, users, accesses.

iForms - pilot project

Experience the benefits of iForms and iBoards directly at your company, in your operating conditions.

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