AviX Method – Motion and Time Studies

Simple and efficien tool for detailed time analysis of individual work operations. You can use created time standards to improve work, capacity calculations and form the basis for implementing decisions.

AviX Resource Balance - Efficient Flow Optimization

You can conveniently divide individual work operations between different workplaces and individual operators. AviX allows you to analyze operations in the operator-machine relationship, manual-machine work. The outputs is a balanced process.

AviX FMEA - Analysis of Error Types and their Effects

Search, find and give priority to the right FMEA measures, to prevent deviations in quality. It allows you to combine process with process video and product with its product structure.

AviX SMED Reduces the Setup Time

Reduce the setup time and increase production performance. Faster setup process will reduce downtime and increase productivity. It also allows you to create visual setup procedures.

AviX DXF Design for Better Manufacturability

The module places emphasis on the product and its design. This approach allows you to simplify and standardize the way you work with regard to the product manufacturability. Visual analysis allows you to capture upgrade opportunities at the design stage.
AviX Ergo – zlepšovanie ergonómie

AviX Ergo - Improve Ergonomics

The module brings you a radically new approach to improving workplace ergonomics through the video evaluation. It allows you to determine the level of physical effort in parallel with assessment psychological stress.

AviX Shop Floor Viewer - Digital Work Instructions

Using AviX Shop Floor Viewer, work operators can access work instructions digitally through the web browser on the desktop monitor. This solution allows you to transition to the “paperless world” and fulfil the ideas of the industry 4.0.
  • The application is created as a Web server (software) that is installed locally on the network and provides access to the working instructions
  • The operator logs on to the instructions for the particular plant, line, workplace and the production plan
  • Just keep your workplace monitor online and updating your work instructions is easier than ever
  • Installation and configuration is simple and intuitive
  • A standard web browser is sufficient to access the working instructions online
  • Working instructions for experienced operators can be concise for example images and descriptions and for new operators instruction can be detailed including video instruction
  • As follows created the working instructions may be used for instructing but also in the standard operation

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